Welcome to Old House Dreams Overseas!

It started with Old House Dreamer to Old House Dreams and now…Old House Dreams Overseas!

Who doesn’t dream about living in a French Chateau, an English Cottage or an Irish Castle? OHD Overseas will feature properties in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and many more countries. Canada and the United State listings will continue to be on Old House Dreams.

The format will be different than Old House Dreams. I will not include or update the listing status but it will be more like a regular blog where I’ll show the photos, the agency contact information and price.  There will be at least one new post everyday.

You will be able to comment on posts but you will not be able to register at this time. Comment rules will be way more relaxed too although I still won’t allow rudeness or vulgarity.

Be one of the first to follow this new OHD site, newsletter sign up to the right including on social media.

I hope you will enjoy this new venture with me!


PS. The site design is new, eventually it’ll evolve. 🙂

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