1940’s Stone Cottage in Alvaiázere, Centro, Portugal

Listing Description

"5 bedrooms Historic house in the village of Alvaiázere. This House is situated in the village of Alvaiazere, where you can find everything you need for your daily-life, such as health Center, Restaurants, supermarkets, banks, pharmacy, etc. As well as quick and easy road connections to all directions in Portugal.

The House is divided into ground floor and first floor. On the ground floor there is:
An ample space. A storage room. A space that was an ancient cuisine.

This area of the House has plenty of space available, which can and must be renewed according to taste and the personal needs of each person. One of them for example can be turn in to an indoor garage with enough space for two cars. The remaining spaces can serve as support and storage area, or may be renewed according to your ideas and projects.

This area d House is definitely fascinating, still keeps that old charm of the classic years of the 20th century. We can see that in the Windows details, doors and interior design in General. Since there are 5 bedrooms, maybe one option to demolish one of the interior walls that divides the living room from one of the bedrooms, in order to create a more spacious and comfortable lounge, for example. The kitchen, being ancient, needs to be completely revamped and modernized, as well as the bathroom. The beautiful Veranda, which offers a magnificent view of the land and the mountain ahead, should also be renewed with more modern materials and new glass-windows, in order to enjoy the plenitude of all the visual pleasure of the surrounding landscape.

This House was completely built in stone, with strong walls, which still stand in very good condition without requiring major renovation works, considering age of construction, such as the roof, that although old still holding steady. But the interiors will need and should be entirely renovated and improved, especially the wood ceilings and floors, performing a general renovation of this area in order to make it more comfortable and modern, preserving although the classic charm of the original building.

Outside, annex to the House extends a land with about of 1500m2, where there are many fruit trees, such as olive trees, Apple trees, fig trees, etc. In this land-plot there is a well with spring water from an existing mine in another part of the property, that provide water over this area.

This property also includes a small strip of land on the opposite side of the road, separated, which will only be important since that's where the water-mine that supplies the well on the property stays, the rest is just a cliff with little use or relevance.

The House has water and electricity connection, but will must be renewed given the aging of the connections. The accesses are very good.

In general we can say that this is a unique and special property, with a house full of charm and historical romanticism, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and fabulous views over the mountain ahead, beautifully sculpted by nature.

This is a unique opportunity to make your dreams come true."

OHDO Notes

Location: Alvaiázere, Centro, Portugal. At the time of this post, priced at €65,000 ($74,045 USD.). For more information on this property contact P.P. Property .

Additional info: Rightmove.co.uk
Photos via P.P. Property. If the agency links give a 404 or "page not found", it may have been taken off the market. The Rightmove link is here for easier readability but do not rely on the status there as the links may expire. USD rate does not automatically update so check XE.com for current rate. OHD Overseas does not represent any property shown here. Prices may change and may not include additional fees or will vary, check the agency links to verify. OHDO does not update prices or keep track of the status.

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