Stone house on the river in Cajarc, France

Listing Description

"Sole Agency. Lovely old stone building, high up the steep riverbank. It commands a fabulous riverside position with views in 3 directions - with its own riverbank! Very large Livingroom 56m2, with the kitchen in the adjacent vaulted area. Lovely views over the river valley.

2 bedrooms, one is actually 34m2, and could easily be divided in 2 large bedrooms. A garden terrace with wonderful views over the river.

One floor down, are cellar and spaces for further expansion if needed. There's also a barn on the plot, it has been re-roofed but would need fitting out. The nearby village of Cajarc offers all commodities; Shops, restaurants and even a hospital. On the Lot, there's a lake part, where you can do Waterskiing, Jetski, or just enjoy Kayak or fishing.

Price including agency fees : E 176,550
Price excluding agency fees : E 165,000
Buyer commission included : 7% "

OHDO Notes

1345 square feet on 0.24 acre. I'm going to guess the 1819 above the door is a build date.

Location: Cajarc, Lot, Occitanie. At the time of this post, priced at €159,000 ($180,913 USD). For more information on this property contact Healey Fox, Surrey .

Additional info:
Photos via Healey Fox, Surrey. If the agency links give a 404 or "page not found", it may have been taken off the market. The Rightmove link is here for easier readability but do not rely on the status there as the links may expire. USD rate does not automatically update so check for current rate. OHD Overseas does not represent any property shown here. Prices may change and may not include additional fees or will vary, check the agency links to verify. OHDO does not update prices or keep track of the status.

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    • Kelly, Admin

      Kelly, Admin

      Yikes! On a curve indeed! So do French people drive really fast like Americans? Things rarely scare me off but living on a curve would be a complete “no” for me, even as just a vacation house. My luck is so bad I’d end up waking up with a car laying right on top of me. 😀

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    When I visited friends living in France, close to their house there was a serious curve where the road narrowed to one lane, and they called it the tooting curve. Everyone tooted their horns before entering the curve. I was there for six weeks, going through that curve several times a day, and never saw an accident, in spite of crazy fast driving.

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