16th Century Apartment with Biblical Frescoes in Fermo, Italy

Listing Description

"This is a wonderful opportunity to buy an apartment that has frescoes through by one of the most accomplished local artists of this time. Alessandro Ricci painted the ceilings of this 2 bedroom apartment on the secondfoloor of a prominent Baroque/Neoclassical palazzo in the heart of Fermo, Just a short walk from the main square. The frescoes depict scenes from the Old and New Testament and have beautifully painted doors to match. The apartment needs restoration although the paintings are in good condition. "

OHDO Notes

2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 2002 square feet.

Location: Fermo, Marche, Italy. At the time of this post, priced at € 450,000 ($510,363 USD). For more information on this property contact Great Estate Immobiliare, Siena .

Additional info: Rightmove.co.uk
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    oh woooow!! I had never seen that before!! they frescoes in very good condition! And the building is beautiful too!

    I wonder though about the fresco that is split into 2 parts, one in the hall and one in the tiny room with a fireplace. Maybe it used to be one single room ?

    could it be this building, with the yellow porte cochère? https://goo.gl/maps/sfu4HAZ1xRG2

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      And I’ll reply to myself: Nope you silly, that’s not it. For some reason i couldn’t get the streetview moving and only got this night hour view, but after another try (after posting) i realized this was just a porte cochère in a street coming into this main square.

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    I believe you are right about the split, I couldn’t determine which rooms but the hall seems correct. Thanks for the link—the setting is wonderful.

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