16th Century Villa in Alessandria, Italy

Listing Description

"The estate of Rosano is an impressive historic property dating back to the 16th century. Former residence of the family Spinola, the property features a rectangular shape built around a central courtyard surrounded by a crossed portico. The overall style is distinguished by symmetry and grandeur and it is characterized by the presence of essential decorations that gives it an elegant look. The property spreads mainly over two floors except the two square bastions that rise to the third level. In addition to a couple of magnificent original fireplaces, on the ground floor there are richly decorated halls, a dining room frescoed with scenes of hunting and a billiard room. On the ground floor are located the kitchens with different rooms dedicated to supplies and their maintenance. The Interior find their highest representation in a stone staircase attributed to Borromini, which leads to the main floor supported by cross vaults and to the bedrooms, some of which with fireplace. The third level on the East Wing, leads to the two master bedrooms on the towers, separated by a corridor to smaller rooms originally dedicated to the service. The property is surrounded by an enchanting park which stretches for 2.5 hectares and it includes rare species of plants, an Italian garden and a private pond. It is also part of the property St. Mary Church built in the 13th century and restored in the 17th century whose crypt preserves the tombs of twelve members of the Spinola family, including Ambrogio Spinola, Milan governor at the time narrated in the famous novel “The betrothed” (I Promessi Sposi) by A. Mazoni."

OHDO Notes

15 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, 37,888 square feet.

Location: Alessandria, Piedmont, Italy. At the time of this post, priced at €1,600,000 ($1,819,195 USD). For more information on this property contact Ortigia Island Real Estate .

Additional info: Rightmove.co.uk
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  • Kelly, Admin

    Kelly, Admin

    I don’t really understand if the church is included or they are showing it just to show it. In any case the frescoes are gorgeous, the courtyard is my favorite part of the property.

  • Avatar

    Laurie W.

    I thought it was the villa’s chapel. Big, but so is the rest, to say the least. What a magnificent property, and that lovely warm stucco color grabs me immediately.

    No, I just re-read the agent’s notes & you’re right, Kelly. The church is sold with the villa; it contains a bunch of previous Spinola family. I remember “I Promessi Sposi” from Italian class in college, cool.

    The frescos in the stair hall look a fair bit more recent than the 16th century. I’d love a long tour and a lot of info on this building and its history.

  • Avatar


    Stunningly gorgeous! I Love the chapel but wonder what they did with the seating. Wonder what the kitchen(s) look like. Beautiful!!

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