1907 Stone Cottage in Cerkno, Slovenia

Listing Description

"The house is located in a lovely peaceful location, with terrific views and surroundings. The house needs renovation and completion but would provide a substantial house when finished. The Ground floor currently consists of a hall, kitchen and dining area, living room, 2 bedrooms and toilet. Also room for storage. The property comes with 284 sqm of land.

The location is lovely, close to nature but still located close to the needed infrastructure in a small town of Cerkno. All infrastructure within 3km, ski slope 12 km or 20 min drive, Spa 3 km or 7 min drive."

OHDO Notes

968 square feet on 0.07 acre.

Location: Cerkno, Littoral, Slovenia. At the time of this post, priced at €50,000 ($57,002 USD). For more information on this property contact Slovenia Estates .

Additional info:
Photos via Slovenia Estates. If the agency links give a 404 or "page not found", it may have been taken off the market. The Rightmove link is here for easier readability but do not rely on the status there as the links may expire. USD rate does not automatically update so check XE.com for current rate. OHD Overseas does not represent any property shown here. Prices may change and may not include additional fees or will vary, check the agency links to verify. OHDO does not update prices or keep track of the status.

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  • Kelly, Admin

    Kelly, Admin

    I know people are waiting for the dreamy properties but there are so many that have told me they are looking for lower priced vacation homes or full time properties, at this price it’s hard not to give it a chance.

    I do not know where this little cottage is specifically located but this is overlooking Cerkno (as in a general view not the view from the posted home):

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      Karen f Abadie


      I appreciate you posting these homes from overseas…

      This one is cute. Someone is going to get a cute cottage!

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    I love the cottages! The big grand properties are great too. It’s all great! This one appeals to the shabby chic ventricle in my heart! Love the green color on the doors and in the sitting room.

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      Chris Schulze

      Thank you so much! I’ve been in love with almost every home you’ve posted on either site for years. I could go anywhere in the world now and I just might. I haven’t found the one that works perfectly for me on either continent. I’m saving my pennies and a thousand ideas from the great community you’ve built. Someday the perfect home that i want to work on the rest of my life will fall right in my lap. Again, thanks 😊

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    Laurie W.

    This could be such a pleasant cottage. The stove is just dynamite! My gosh, what an absolutely GORGEOUS area it’s in. I would love to clean it up and do simple things with it, the less elaborate, the better. Plus roses climbing around it.

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