c. 1690 Canal House in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Listing Description

"An entire, unfurnished, five storey canal house to be delivered on private ground, on one of the most beautiful moats of Amsterdam. And to be more exact: on one of the most attractive parts of the Keizersgracht. The house is situated across the canal from FOAM Museum and practically next door to Museum van Loon. The foundation is brand new and good for another couple of centuries.

This national monument was built around 1690, and we are fortunate to have beauty of the olden days perfectly combined with the technical ingenuity of modern times. Floors, electricity, piping and the inner walls have for the most part been renewed. As has been the foundation of the basement. The foundation for a greenery is also in place. The new owner is able to style and decorate the house freely and to his or her own discretion. There are outlets everywhere, though without having pre-determined the layouts of the bathrooms or kitchens. The split-level front and back of the house are connected via a stately staircase divided by a courtyard. Marble paneling decorates the walls and in the period room on the sunny garden side, there is a unique ceiling painting by Ernst Witkamp (1854 - 1897).

Via the hardstone steps to the platform entrance, one enters an attractive hallway. Directly to the right, there is a light-flooded room. A second room is behind it, a bit further down the hall, and right next to a door descending into the basement. From the hall, stairs lead up to the characteristic period room with its impressive ceiling painting. This room truly is unique in its kind, as it has a marble mantle with chimney, folding shutters on the inside of large sliding windows and an ornamented small table built into the paneling. On the floor there is herringbone parquet and a pantry in a small room to the side. Facing the sunny South side of the house, the period room also offers a full view of the garden.

The basement is an amazingly large space that runs from front to back, which can be enlarged to fit the new owner's individual purposes. The foundation for this has already been laid. The basement can also be accessed from the street, via a staircase leading to its own entrance.

On the second floor, in the back, there is a small bedroom and outlets have been fitted for a kitchen and / or bathroom. There is a toilet and wardrobe. At the front of the house, there is quite a large square anteroom with a fantastic view of the Keizersgracht. The third floor has in the back a large space with a broad set of windows, a simple kitchen, walk-in shower, a built-in wardrobe and a separate toilet in the hall.

In the front side of the house there is a landing and balustrade, a very large bathroom with bath and connection for a washing machine. Then, overlooking the canal, a very spacious, square living space with a circle staircase leading up to the bedroom. On this floor, and extra level has been constructed, offering space for an extra bedroom or study.

Under the nook, in the back of the house, there is another small bedroom, which can be utilized as storage space and connects to an attractive exterior. This spacious terrace faces the sunny Southside of the house and has a panoramic view of the inner gardens.

The canal house is perfect for a living - and working combination. But it also offers possibilities for double occupation. In other words, living on the South side of the canal band of Amsterdam, near Zuid, the lively Pijp and quite near the official residence of the city's mayor. As far as public transport, the location is most convenient. And for shopping, it is the perfect base for the Utrechtsestraat, the Vijzelgracht, the Kalverstraat and the Negen Straatjes. And there is plenty of (high-end) restaurants and cafés in the direct vicinity."

OHDO Notes

Location: Amsterdamn, North Holland, Netherlands. At the time of this post, priced at €7,950,000 ($9,108,712 USD). For more information on this property contact PC22 .

Additional info: Rightmove.co.uk

Map: Street

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  • Kelly, Admin

    Kelly, Admin

    Wow. This is the “dreams” part of OHD. I linked to the street view, into the notes section up top, just look around at how awesome this area is.

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    Laurie W.

    My husband used to work down the street from this house. Living on the canals would be wonderful with all the life of the city right there. I don’t see a photo of the stairs, which to foreigners would be a surprise, in that old Dutch builders didn’t waste space on staircases — they are VERY steep with tall steps. In these antique houses, it’s like climbing a mountain to go upstairs, lol.

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    What a beautiful surprise inside! Having lived in a much newer Dutch house and visited a few more, I would have never guessed at the elegance and light in this one. Beautiful.

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    OMGosh! I can see why this is so very expensive. It is totally gorgeous and roomy. Does it come with a parking space too? I love that there is space in the back for perhaps a tiny garden as well. Awesome! Thanks Kelly.

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