18th Century Apartment in Pontremoli, Tuscany, Italy

Listing Description

"In the beautiful historic center of Pontremoli, we propose beautiful Master Apartment with valuable details dating back to 1700′.The apartment measures about 145 square meters, and is composed on the second floor by large entrance, kitchen, dining room, pantry, dining room, living room with Lovely Marble Fireplace, Three Bedrooms and Bathroom. In the basement, huge vaulted cellar of about 85 square meters. plus Two Deposits. Exclusive garden of about 90 square meters. overlooking the Magra River and the ancient Rose Theater. The Garden is rare in the historical center. The apartment has original painted, flooring and fixtures of the time. Located inside an important building, with a characteristic courtyard with stone columns."

OHDO Notes

Location: Via Cavour, 54027 Pontremoli MS, Italia. At the time of this post, €168,000 ($190,486 USD). For more information on this property contact Terra di Lunigiana .

Additional info:
Photos via Terra di Lunigiana. If the agency links give a 404 or "page not found", it may have been taken off the market. The Rightmove link is here for easier readability but do not rely on the status there as the links may expire. USD rate does not automatically update so check XE.com for current rate. OHD Overseas does not represent any property shown here. Prices may change and may not include additional fees or will vary, check the agency links to verify. OHDO does not update prices or keep track of the status.

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    Kelly, that was wild! I have never seen a street view like that before. Do you happen to know what that is at the end of the roads there? I guess it is a huge church/cathedral that is up like way high. I wondered at first if that was a coliseum by it, but then when I saw the church wondered if it might be some sort of abbey! (I’ll bet somebody hurt their neck taking that one picture. I felt like it broke mine just to look at the picture (only people with bad necks would understand that)!) Was a great shot though! I can’t even imagine being able to own a place like this. Seems older than 1700 to me. I could almost see Romeo and Juliet playing around in there!

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    Reneau de Beauchamp

    While the floor tiles aren’t the most complimentary to the marvelous frescoed ceilings, this is nevertheless a stunning apartment carved out of a palazzo. This region of Tuscany isn’t the rolling hills of vineyards and olive groves most consider synonymous with the province, yet it does offer a cooler mountainous precinct replete with oak & chestnut forests. The city has some wonderful festivals, from culinary to reenactments. Since residential prices have risen astronomically further south, smart buyers are foraying into these northern climes. So get ahead of the crowds and purchase now before costs become beyond reach.

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    Laurie W.

    Well done trompe l’oiel painting on the ceilings. What a wonderful street in the street view! Puts you back centuries in a few seconds.

    I got a good chuckle out of the photo of the bathroom sink complete with dead bugs! Reminds me of when I did some presentations in Rome with our distributor there, and my hotel room hosted a large dead cockroach. When I mentioned it on the 2nd day, they said, “It’s dead, for heavens’ sake, what are you complaining about?” Hard to answer that one, haha!

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    Laurie, your story reminds me of one of my great aunts. My Pa had bought her a mobile home to live in on his property, and he looked out for her. She took medicine that would sometimes make her be ”not quite right” (turned out she got like that every time she took Ibuprofen–fortunately Pa figured that out for her (her doctor’s didn’t). One morning she told Pa and my sister that last night she had gotten up in the night and come into the kitchen, and the roaches (we’re in Florida after all) were in the sink having a convention. She said one of them was up in front, and he was the ringleader! We have laughed about that over the years (that was in early 80s), and every once in a while we decide that a ”convention” was held somewhere!

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